Weddings: Signs Your Dress is a Good Fit

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Weddings: Does Your Bridal Dress Fit Perfectly? - as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats. When you know it is a perfect dress, you are confident, comfortable, and practically, you are like ready to go to get married. Actually, you will be wearing this dress maybe 5 to maybe 10 hours, so you have to be comfortable. You will be able to wear and dance all night. You will feel fabulous in it. This dress, if you notice, actually, I use a little bit thicker fabric, so if you have a little bit of the issues with your figure, it is figure flattering. It is actually asymmetrical and if you have a little bit bustier bride, this has a strap so it is just very secure, not like strapless. So, I think, overall, this is a fabulous example of very comfortable, confident, practical dress.