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    Weddings: 3 Ideas for Bridal Shoes

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Weddings: 3 Bridal Shoes - as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats. These three are my favorite bridal shoes. Actually, I love wedge heel. Many of my brides get married on the beach or garden wedding, and they have to walk on a petal or sand. Wedge heel does not sink into it. And actually, this one have an ankle strap, so you can dance all night. It is very comfortable. Also my feature is that it has a quilting, so it has an extra cushion on it. It is very comfortable because you will be wearing these shoes for like maybe up to 10 hours. You just have to be comfortable. This one is another wedge heel. It has the stitching embellishment and this is wonderful, as well, like the back has an ankle strap so it does not slip out easily. This one is actually a custom beading. This is actually the reason why, I use Swarovski, but it is a flat Swarovski, so long dresses does not catch on the prong type of Swarovski crystals. There are two types of Swarovski crystals. A prong, and this one is a flat. So, make sure if you have any embroidery, or like a beading on it, avoid any pronged Swarovski or beading embellishment on the shoes.