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    Re:Reh Dogg vs. Collin McEnroe


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    Reh Dogg

    by Reh Dogg

    I'm grateful of you being a fan but I feel the need to defend my position. In 2008 the so call black president made himself to have conservative values. He then quickly should his liberal side when Hilary Clinton beat him up in a bloody primary. I understand you can't listen or agree with my point of views and that's fine. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop. We are in the fight of our life and I won't lye down and play dead. All my life I've fought against bullies. I am God's Warrior and this is what I was meant to do. Fight evil forces that tries to take away my God giving rights. My show Political Bomb Show will be on a separate channel and won't be associated with my Reh Dogg channel. You haven't seen anything yet. Also you can fool me but sooner or later truth is revealed hence my support dropped when he was proven to be a liberal . The birth certificate was clearly false.