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    Free Online Support Group For Massive Weight Loss


    by pfader

    You can sign up for my free online support group at
    I was over 55 years old. I weighed somewhere around 340 lbs (I don’t know because no scale was able to measure anything over 300). I had severe medical problems and had even been hospitalized three times in life-threatening comas. Each time, I was given less than 50% chance of waking — of living.
    Yet today I weigh less than half of what I did then — only slightly over two years ago. My blood pressure was sky high — now it is normal. My blood sugar was dangerously diabetic — now it is normal. My triglycerides were so high, I was a walking stroke-risk — now they are normal.
    If someone with as many strikes against her can safely lose weight and become “normal” — then I believe anybody can.