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    Emmanuel Witzhum - Le Futur de la musique et de l’image


    par Futur_en_Seine

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    Conférence sur le Futur de la musique et de l'image Mardi 21 juin, à la Gaîté Lyrique, dans le cadre du Festival Futur en Seine.

    Emmanuel Witzhum, directeur artistique du Lab, Israël.

    Dissolving Localities est un projet où tout et tout le monde deviennent œuvre d’art. Le sample live (dj/ vj) est recadré pour compiler un environnement dans son intégralité : a ville et les gens deviennent des instruments, de la matière, des œuvres d’art.


    Emmanuel Witzhum, Artistic Director of Maabada (The Lab), Jerusalem

    Abstract : Urban space and the prosumer – The future of artistic creation ?

    Joseph Beuyse once said that everyone is an artist. We live in a time in which this sentence has become a reality. Dissolving Localities, which exemplifies my vision on the future of artistic creation in the digital age, is a project in which not only everyone is an artist, but everyone and everywhere are in fact a work of art. In a time defined by the democratization of tools, standards and systems; an abundance of possibilities, competition, choices and quality – an era of the prosumer and technology, this project connects directly between urban space, the prosumer and the arts by joining them together. Live sampling d.j./v.j. techniques are reframed so that instead of sampling and looping songs, the artists sample an environment. The city and people becomes the score and the “instrument” upon which audio/visual artists “play”. The ‘where’ and the ‘who’ become the ‘what’. Thus the project takes the idea of the prosumer to the level in which life is transformed into a work of art.