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    The Blackout - The Storm (Official Video)

    Cooking Vinyl

    by Cooking Vinyl

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    mike laze
    HAHAHA DRAGONFORCE? Suck my penis. I'm not saying I hate this stuff, it's just not as good as their old stuff.
    By mike laze5 years ago
    I think their new stuff is awesome! It may be different, but I can see that they're trying to expand on what they can do xD Its an awesome song! One of my favorites from HOPE
    By JayyLee945 years ago
    Oh no, they can do varied stuff instead of reproducing the exact same stuff every album! What a shitty band! I can't help assuming mikelazer listens to dragonforce.
    By Nuck_figgers5 years ago
    mike laze
    Lolol. I didn't leave 'hate' message, I expressed my opinion, I don't like it. Have you been on Youtube recently?
    By mike laze5 years ago
    Obviously their new stuff is different, I can't name one band who sounds exactly the same as they do on their first EP and their latest full-length. Why assume that I haven't listened to them 'from the start'? I know their music has changed but they haven't changed it to please anyone else. It's been said countless times that they write music for them, not anyone else. I get it, you don't like the new stuff, you like the old stuff - fair enough but do you really have to leave hate messages on sites like this? You're not going to gain anything from it so don't waste your time, 'bro'.
    By KirniniKerry5 years ago
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