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Non, je ne regrette rien! - For the dance floors 2011

vor 6 Jahren121 views

"Non, je ne regrette rien!" ("No, I don't mind anymore at all!") in a translation from French into English and a carefully modernized interpretation by singer-songwriter M. Stanton Reade and his friends. The Original was sung by Edith Piaf more than half a century ago. --- All young folks from different countries, ethnic groups, the poor and the rich classes, different educational classes and also from different religions having fallen in love with each other should possess the right to be together with or marry whomsoever they want! Another chance to make our planet and the human race itself survive than get along with each other and stop all the hate that still exists today in many parts of the world between any human beings I clearly just don't see! (add. remark: will try to contact the owners of the song, of course, as soon as possible, to let them know and get their okay for this non-commercial song version.)