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    Mudslides Block Highway and Cuts Off Power in Sichuan Province, China


    by NTDTelevision

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    Rough weather continues to batter southwest China. A mudslide in Sichuan Province on Wednesday damaged power stations, cutting off power to all of Yajiang County. The mudslide also blocked a national highway, leaving passengers and vehicles stranded for hours.

    A mudslide in China's Sichuan Province blocked a national highway on Wednesday and cut off power to all of Yajiang County.

    The mudslide blocked National Highway 318 early Wednesday morning, stranding four people who had to wait about six hours to be rescued.

    More than 20 vehicles were hit by the mudslide and some were washed away.

    Passengers on a tourist bus climbed to safety on top of a nearby building. They were later rescued using a rope ladder.

    Several power stations were damaged in the mudslide, cutting off power to the whole of Yajiang County. Efforts to fix the power supply have been hampered by collapsed roads and heavy rainfall.

    [Yajiang Power Company Representative]:
    "All four power stations in the county have stopped operations since Tuesday. We tried all day Wednesday to repair the destroyed equipment, but failed. Now the power supply is off for the whole county."

    Kangding County, west of Yajiang, also suffered torrential rain, causing a bridge leading to a sandpit in the river to collapse. Two workers were trapped at the sandpit, surrounded by floodwaters.

    It took several attempts before firefighters and local residents were able to get life jackets to the workers, before eventually rescuing them both.