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    Brand-Name Goods Made in Polluting Chinese Factories


    by NTDTelevision

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    Some of the world's biggest brand-name goods are made high-polluting Chinese factories, according to environmental group Greenpeace. A report issued Wednesday raises the allegations.

    Greenpeace claims that leading clothing brands rely on a high-polluting supply chain.

    The Chinese factories pollute rivers with toxic, hormone-disrupting chemicals -- many of which are banned in Europe and elsewhere.

    Greenpeace campaigner Li Yifang is standing outside the world's largest Adidas store -- in Beijing.

    [Li Yifang, Greenpeace Campaigner]:
    "Some of the big brands, like Adidas, Nike, and Li-Ning, their suppliers are discharging toxic and harmful chemicals that pollute China's rivers."

    Among the brands sourced from these factories are Adidas, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Abercrombie and Fitch and China's Li Ning. All have confirmed that they had commercial links to two Chinese suppliers: The Youngor Textile Complex in Ningbo, and the Well Dyeing Factory Ltd.

    Adidas confirmed that it did work with the the Youngor Textile Complex, but only for the cutting and sewing of garments.

    A year-long Greenpeace investigation established that the Youngor factory is polluting the Yangtze River Delta -- the Well Dyeing Factory is polluting the Pearl River Delta.

    Tainted water remains one of China's greatest long-term environmental concerns.