Children's Clothing: 3 Ideas for Baby Memory Books

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Children's Clothing: 3 Ideas for Baby Memory Books - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. 3 Ideas for Baby Memory Books Our favorite, and also most popular, baby gift here is the baby memory book. These are by a company called Hugs and Kisses. I'll start with this first. Jungle theme design, this is great for both boys and girls. A great gift if you don't know what somebody is having, we call those wait and see babies. So, the couple is waiting to meet the baby to find out whether it's a boy or a girl. The jungle theme is great. Very gender neutral. Jungle themed or animal themed nurseries are also really popular, so it can work with the nursery's decor. And, the reason that we love these books so much is because they take all the work out of keeping track of the child's mementos, out of it for the parents. And they just make it really easy and really beautiful. If we just open up to a sample page here. This page here has places to record my first ride in a plane, my first smile, my first bottle, solid food, my first haircut. So, you can just write in dates and names. If you want to even save a lock of hair you can put it right there. Also, you can see there's so much detail that goes into these pages. And again, this is the gender-neutral design, so the interior pages are also very neutral. Next, you can see here the train baby memory book. We've got the little blue ribbon here, it's great for boys. Very similarly this is all handmade, the design here, all the pages are hand-drawn. Here you open up, here you have place to record the baby's name, to save his hospital bracelet, and also to record his hand print. And you can see this is the boys' design, the interior pages are also a little more boyish. Then last for our memory books here is a girls' design, with this adorable little lady bug and very subtle rhinestone detail on the front, so she gets a little bit of sparkle. And in here you can see it starts with my story and this does go all the way from birth up to five years old. So, we've covered some of the early life mementos. And, if you go a little bit later in the book here, you can see, well one here's where you can keep track of the child's medical records, so a cute way to do that. Keep track of her height and weight. And, this does go all the way up until her first day of school, here. So, you can put a picture from her first day of school and any other little notes, maybe to remember what she did that first morning when you dropped her off. And, it's just a really great way to keep track of important things and is our favorite gift for newborns.