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    Children's Clothing: 3 Ideas in Bottoms for Girls

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Children's Clothing: 3 Ideas in Bottoms for Girls - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Parenting Children's Clothing: 3 Ideas in Bottoms for Girls Here I am with my three top picks for girls bottoms. I am gonna start with a really cute nautical short by T collection. Theses are navy blue with a adorable white button detail which we love. You can see here, they got an elastic waistband, so they are really easy to pull on and off. They are a hundred percent cotton, so they are machine washable and they cost 37 Dollars. Moving on to my second pick. We got a great pair of jeans from Eddie Pen. This is an italian brand, so these are imported from Italy. They've got beautiful, beautiful stiching on the front and also on the back pocket detail and they've got a really modern slim fit which I love and it's actually pretty hard to find in terms of childres denim. So these look great and cost eighty dollars. Totally safe in washer and dryer. In terms of my third pick here, we've got a seersucker skirt by Neige. Neige is a California based brand that was started by a former designer from Vera Wang, so her designs are always very feminine, beautiful attention to detail as you can see on the ruffles on the skirt. It costs seventy dollars, machine washable but I do reccomend laying this flat to dry. So there you have three of my favorite picks for girls bottoms.