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    Children's Clothing: 3 Ideas in Dresses for Girls

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Children's Clothing: 3 Ideas in Dresses for Girls - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Children's Clothing: 3 Ideas in Dresses for Girls Our best selling styles here are definitely girl's dresses. So, we specialize in finding girl's dresses that are really special, comfortable and won't cost a fortune. So, I've got three of my favorites right here, starting with this dress by 'Mej,' which has beautiful ruffle detail, a sweet little eyelet texture to it, um, this is also one hundred percent cotton. The brand 'Mej,' it's really special, the head designer Adrienne Katerina used to design gowns for Vera Wang before she started her children's line. So, you know you're going to get something really special with 'Mej.' This dress costs ninety-seven dollars, and, again, one hundred percent cotton, so it is machine washable. Now, moving on to my second favorite pick here, this is a really fun style by 'Tea Collection,' also one hundred percent cotton. You've got this beautiful navy blue embroidery. Something that I love is that it's super feminine but it's not pink. I love pink, but, it's also nice to get a break from it sometimes. Um, this dress if fifty-seven dollars, it's a San Francisco Bay City line and this dress is also machine washable. Now, moving on to my third pick, we have a beautiful pink dress by Ella Moss, Ella Moss is also a women's designer, so, some of you might know her designs, because you wear them yourself. But, she does also, beautiful children's clothing. I love this dress, one of the things I love about it is on the back here, which is this funky zipper detail which takes a really sweet pink dress and gives it a little bit of an edge so its still super feminine and girl-y but also modern. The dress is eighty-eight dollars, also, one hundred percent cotton, machine washable... , but, because of the lace, I recommend that you lay it flat dry versus putting it in the dryer.