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    Children's Clothing: 3 Ideas in Bottoms for Boys

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Children's Clothing: 3 Ideas in Bottoms for Boys - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Three of my favorite picks for boys' bottoms are here behind me. The first is this grey skinny jean from Acoustic. These are 100% cotton denim. Acoustic is a New York based line that does all vintage inspired designs, so they have got a little bit of a hipster feel for them. Great for little boys and also for cool little girls could wear these too. They cost $60. They have got a little bit of elastic in the waste band so you have got a lot of flexibility in terms of the fit. They are a very versatile pant. Moving on to my second pick here, these are a cargo pant from T collection. They are also 100% cotton, but a really nice, sturdy cotton. So they wash and wear very very well. They are really a really durable pant. They have also got the elastic in the waste band for flexibility and fit. And I just hear time and time again from parents how long these pants last, so these are a great buy. Then moving along to my third pick for boys bottoms, it is a short this time. This is by Splendid, and you may know this brand because they make both men's and women's clothes. Now they also make children's clothes. So these are a great woven short with a super soft waist band. So even though they are slightly dressier, in that they are woven, you still got the soft elastic waist band. You are not going to get any complaints about comfort here. And these will cost $57. So these three here are three of my top picks for boys' bottoms. You are going to get comfort, you are going to get style, and you are going to get value.