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    Harry Potter Song "Amazing"


    by RhettandLink

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    This song uses only words from Maccadole's vlog about Harry Potter. Watch the original vlog:
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    Original music by Rhett & Link
    Lyrics taken from Maccadole's vlog:

    Harry Potter is a huge part of my life.

    This is just a fangirl.  With a camera.  Being an amateur.  
    Making a vlog.  Making a statement.
    Saying that Harry Potter changed my life.
    And I have NO IDEA how to deal with it.

    This is the last movie.  And the books are finished.
    This is it.  This is where it ends.
    Uh!  So many mosquitoes on me. You have no idea.  

    I am so excited you have no idea!
    And it’s terrifying and it’s exciting..
    And I...I’m itching to death...and...
    all these mosquitoes...-- and, and...
    mosquitoes and the world and...
    and it’s late; it’s like midnight...

    Harry Potter shaped me
    as a person
    I am who I am today
    because of Harry.
    ...this is amazing.
    Thanks to YouTuber EdEditz for helping us get in touch with Maccadole: