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    Villager Crushed by Excavator in Jiangxi Province Land Dispute


    by NTDTelevision

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    A land dispute in eastern China has claimed the life of one man. Xie Shaochun from Jiangxi province was run over by an excavator on Monday afternoon. He was trying to stop workers from filling his fishpond. Be warned the following footage may be disturbing to some viewers.

    Hundreds of villagers in China's eastern Jiangxi Province protested a man's death on Monday. Xie Shaochun from Maodian Township of Ganxian County tried to stop a construction project on disputed land the Jingda Mould Factory had hoped to buy from villagers. Xie was crushed and killed by an excavator.

    It was unclear how Xie was crushed, but some locals claim the death was not an accident.

    [Liu Feiyue, Civil Rights & Livelihood Watch]:
    "The question is how was he run over? Since last night to this morning, many villagers have told us that when Xie Shaochun was stopping the excavator, some gang-like individuals held him, and had the excavator run over him, and he was killed that way."

    Liu says Xie was crushed more than 55 feet away from the actual excavation site.

    After Xie's death, villagers blocked a local road in protest. Authorities sent in police to disperse the crowd overnight.

    [Mr. Cheng, Maodian Township Resident]:
    "Last night, Ganxian County authorities sent several thousand police to crackdown, the county Party Secretary came. A dozen or so people were arrested. Authorities want to block the news. They intercepted a car carrying reporters. On Tuesday morning, they took Xie's body and cremated it."

    Xie tried to stop private construction workers from filling his fishpond on Monday afternoon, because he had not reached a compensation agreement with local officials.