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    Tai Chi: Strike Ears with Fist - Women's Fitness

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Tai Chi: Strike Ears with Fist - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. Hello, my name is Tiffany Chen. I am from William C. C. Chen’s Tai Chi Chuan. We are going to do strike ears with fist together. Please turn to the right. Start with the left leg in front, right leg behind. 80% of the weight in the front, 20% in the back. Left palm energized at the thigh, right hand extended in front in a fist. I want you to shift the weight back, open up the fist, turn out the left foot, shift the weight into the left leg, sink down and bring up the right knee and the fists down by the side. Now gently set the right foot down in front. Shift now all the way into the right leg. Sink down, releasing the arms, and now energizing and boxing at the ears with both hands and fists. This completes the segment.