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    Essential Gardening Tools for Everyone

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Essential Gardening Tools - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Every gardener needs a set of tools of some compilation. So, for instance, we always ask people the first thing you should have is a pair of gloves because you are touching a lot of organic material, you are touching a lot of things like prickly rose bushes and things of that nature that your sensative little hands would not want to touch. So we always recommend getting a nice pair of, you know, utility gloves that have a rubber palm. And that helps because when you touch something like a rosebush, it does not touch your fingers. With the gloves in hand we recommend pruners. Without pruners, you cannot prune things. So we always tell people you have to have a great set of sharp pruners. And pruners should be sharpened at least once a year. You can sharpen it more often, but it is a good idea to sharpen them at least once a year. And you should always check your pruners for a little dents and dings, things of that nature, because you really want to give a straight cut when you are pruning. Other garden tools that we use are things like a trowel. A garden trowel is great because you get to use this, lets say for instance, you want to plant some annuals and this is the perfect size to get into the ground, get a little dirt out and get the annuals in. It also does things, you can also do things like spread dirt around and things of that nature with the trowel. Here we have a cultivator. Some people call it a hand rake, there is a lot of different names for it. But what is great about this is you can use it to aerate soil and you can use it to pull weeds out of the ground or to move soil around. But it is a handy tool. And for those that can not bend over and get in the dirt, it is always nice to have a telescopic version of the same tool. So I would recommend the same thing for a little hand shovel as well.