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The last Abbot of Glastonbury

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Abbot Whiting was one of the few heads of religious communities who stood firm against Henry VIII and the Royal Supremacy; and paid for it with his life, on the Tor which rises above the town.
With the Treasurer of the Abbey John Thorne and its Sacrist Roger James he was dragged on a hurdle to the hill-top and there cruelly executed.

Their quartered bodies were distributed among local towns pour encourager les autres, their heads set up above the Abbey Gate of Glastonbury.
In 1895 Pope Leo XIII beatified the Abbot and his two companions.
Blessed John Thorne, Roger James

By January 1539, Glastonbury was the only monastery left in Somerset, and on 19 September of that year the royal commissioners, Layton, Richard Pollard and Thomas Moyle, arrived there without warning on the orders of Thomas Cromwell.

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