Dissident Chinese Author Liao Yiwu Escapes to Germany


by NTDTelevision

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A Chinese author is now living in Germany after received repeated threats against publishing his work in China. Liao Yiwu, from Sichuan Province, escaped China last week. Now he has the freedom to publish his latest work—a memoir describing the time he spent in jail as a witness to the 1989 Tiananmen Democracy movement.

He traveled out of China secretly through Warsaw and Hanoi. He arrived in Berlin last Wednesday. The Chinese dissident writer, Liao Yiwu, from Sichuan Province, fled China so that he can continue writing and publishing his work.

Liao's earlier work, "The Corpse Walker", examines life of ordinary Chinese in the bottom rung of society. The book has received worldwide recognition, but is banned in China. Before he left the country, Liao says Chinese police had approached him many times to warn him against publishing any "illegal" works abroad, otherwise he would be put in jail.

In February and March this year, authorities barred Liao from traveling overseas to attend literary festivals in the United States, Australia and Germany.

[Liao Yiwu, Dissident Writer]:
"We live in an abnormal country, one that is very wicked. To survive under these wicked conditions. You sometimes have to give up your own dignity, and even survive as a dog would."

Liao had spent four years in jail after witnessing the Chinese regime's bloody crackdown of the student democracy movements in Tiananmen Square in 1989. His new memoir—The Witness of the 4th of June—is expected to be published in Germany in August. Liao's manuscript had been confiscated twice, and he successfully got the third version out of the country last year.


Liao is planning to visit New York later this year, where another new book examining Christianity in communist China will be published.