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    International Paint & AKZONOBEL are the largest suppliers of Protective Marine Epoxy Coatings Dodge Ram

    Jeff Suggs

    by Jeff Suggs

    168 views is the only company that is capable of removing this type of epoxy paint overspray. This truck and others on this project have a very heavy dose of Protective & Marine Coating Phenicon HS and a hardening agent called Macropoxy 646. This Sherwin Williams paint product has a life span of over 30 years in all kinds of weather conditions. We have over 23years of experience in all types of overspray damage and the removal of it. Also unlike every other company we use machinery as demonstrated in this video and others like it to remove any type of overspray and restore every piece of a vehicle from paint damage. None of the work seen here on our dailymotion channel has ever been duplicated by anyone in the past 3 years of our web presents. Find use on Facebook "Jeff Suggs" and check out google ads and websites from all over the world that feature our videos. Contact us toll free at : 877-715-5663 or