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    Self-Defense Workout: Push Kick - Women's Fitness

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Self-Defense Workout: Push Kick - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. We are going to be looking at the push kick. It is a very basic but very effective kick from an outside range. If I am facing Nicole, Nicoles' legs are longer than my arms, obviously, so if I am at a range where I cannot reach her with my arms like this range, she can still reach me with a push kick with that back leg. So she is going to bring her knee up, and she is going to thrust that leg out before bringing her knee back. So, she comes up with that leg, kicks, and back, right back to her fighting stance. She is hitting me with the ball of her foot, sometimes with the heel. And, it can be done with the front leg or the back leg. The back leg is going to be a bit more powerful. So again, her hands are up, she comes up with that knee, thrusts out, hits. And she is not just using her leg for that, she is using her entire body. It is important that you turn slightly to use your hips where you are really using those legs effectively, using your entire body for the shot. Again, you see Nicoles' knee comes up, she strikes, and back. And her hands are up there. You can also put your back hand slightly out for the kick just to create some distance or you can keep your hands up at that position. The push kick is very effective for self-defense. It is great for fitness as well. If you do it advancing, it can be a great workout moving down the mat. So, she will throw a push kick with her back leg, step in the front, and then throw a push kick with that other leg. And if you can advance all the way down the mat with that and come back again, it is a great workout for your legs. Great cardio workout as well. The push kick – excellent for self-defense or for fitness.