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    Body Detox


    by EcoBold

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    Does body detox work? Yes! And this one is a very light and easy detox kit, perfect for starters. Other kits can be much tougher and hard core but this one still lets you eat and drink your coffee. I've done a colon detox before (my mom had bought the wrong one and didn't want to do it, so I decided to use it) and it was a five day detox where I could not eat anything, I had to drink some garlic and ginger smoothie and for the love of me, I could not drink coffee, it was torture. This one is much easier.

    This detox kit by eSutras is supposed to go on for two weeks, it comes with colon cleansing capsules (30 ct), aloe vera inner gel (16oz), immuni detox tea (3oz), organic rose sugar (1oz), tea infuser and a cute glass mug with spoon.

    I took the capsules and tea here and there (this is why it lasted me two months) and the aloe vera gel was also taken once in a while, but I did feel the difference while taking them. The tea was my least favorite part (although the other kit's tea was by far much worse) and is caffeine and sugar free. I had no problem with the capsules or inner gel. It seems like Aloe Vera is the only known natural vegetarian source of Vitamin B12. I did not see any weight loss, but again, I didn't follow the detox program strictly for the two weeks. Use to cleanse your colon and body, a perfect Summer project!

    Detox for women and men.