Alternative Sweeteners Author Lyn O'Brien-Nabors (CRC Press)

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More information about this book, Alternative Sweetners, can be found on the CRC Press website (link above).

Filmed at the IFT (Institute of Food Technology) 2011 conference, CRC Press Author Lyn O'Brien-Nabors talks about her book.


Details scientific information of sweeteners
Covers regulatory ratings of sweeteners
Includes new chapter on Advantame
Includes updated information, with contributions from new writers
Discusses stevia sweeteners


The fourth edition of Alternative Sweeteners follows the same formula as the previous three books by discussing each sweetener in terms its characteristics. Qualities covered include means of production, physical characteristics, utility, and relative sweetness (compared to sucrose). Technical qualities covered include admixture potential, application, availability, shelf life, transport, metabolism, carcinogenicity, and other toxicity evaluation data. A new chapter on the sweetener Advantame has been added, and new contributors have updated information throughout the book. Also new is a section on how Stevia sweeteners have been examined and deemed safe by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives and the US FDA.