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    by MrSandless12

    MR.SANDLESS WAS OUR LAST CHANCE...!!!! You Saved Our Engineered Floors! They refinished our entire downstairs. We had old engineered floors that looked dull and lifeless. We already had them sanded years ago and knew that Mr. Sandless was our last chance to save our floors without having to replace them. You saved us thousands of dollars and our floors look awesome. Natalie J. San Diego, CA

    HONESTY...!!! Honesty and Integrity! Even though my Mr. Sandless was not able to work on my 27 yr old floors I wanted to write a review highlighting the company's honesty and integrity. When doing the initial walk through with the Mr. Sandless lead technician, he pointed out that the service they provide was not appropriate for my floors and that I needed a full sanding. Kathy L. San Diego, CA