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    Furniture: Unique Dining Table Sets

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Furniture: Unique Dining Table Sets - as part of the Product Guide series by GeoBeats. Here is a kind of a mixture of a traditional dining set. This is probably the most common size of a dining set people purchase. It seats six comfortably. It is usually about six feet by three feet wide. A new trend, I will not say it is that new, but in last few years people have been more comfortable purchasing a bench. Kids usually love it, and you usually get three people, as opposed to two. And you can also tuck the bench underneath when you are not using it. This is a little more of the Mexican-Spanish feel, a more colonial look. It is got the soft wood, the pine. Another style is the counter height dining table. This is a great one. It sits eight people. And what is nice about it, when eight people are sitting here, they can all face each other. When shopping for something unique, you know, take a look at, for instance, take a look at this one, it is hand painted, hand carved, both front and back of the chair, and also underneath, table top and the base.