Yushan Winter Hike P2 Taiwan 玉山 P1 玉山 (一)

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Alone on Frozen Yushan 3952m

Yushan is the Highest Mountain in East Asia. It is very easy to negotiate throughout most of the year but not so easy when it is frozen over.

About Yushan: It's called Mt. Jade in English, Yushan in Chinese Mandarin and some thing like "Giol-swar"in Taiwanese language. Nevertheless, most people call it by its Chinese name which sounds a little like this "eu for europe and sarn like barn" thus we have "Yushan".The Indigenous Tsou Tribe named the Mountain Yushan (Jade Mountain) because the summit is usually covered by snow during winter, however, this might confuse some people in other parts of the world where Jade is mostly thought of as being greenish in color, but Taiwan Jade is that of a creamy white. The Mountain has had many other names and no one could possibly ever know just how many! The Japanese named it Niitaka Yama (Nee-ta-ka ya-ma) which means the New Highest Mountain in the Empire; Taiwan was once a colony of Japan and the Japanese were comparing Mt Jade 3952m to the Empire's first Highest mountain being Mt Fuji 3776m, however, Taiwan actually has four mountains ( not including Yushan's East Peak 3869m, North Peaks 3858, and South Peak 3844m ) which are higher than Mt Fuji.

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