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    China's 303 Provincial Highway Severely Damaged in Sichuan


    by NTDTelevision

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    A large section of the 303 Provincial Highway in southwest China has been severely damaged by rain and landslides. The road has been closed since last Sunday due to heavy rain.

    More than half of a 13-mile-long highway in southwest China is either underwater or ruined by landslides.

    The No. 303 Provincial Highway in Sichuan Province, considered the lifeline of the local economy, has been closed since last Sunday due to heavy rain.

    Authorities sent to investigate the disaster had to walk from Gengda to Yingxin in Wenchuan County because that section of the road had been severely damaged by water and landslides.

    Floodwaters have destroyed more than 300 feet of the road up-river from Zijing Tunnel, which was rebuilt after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. With less than 33 feet separating the water from the tunnel entrance, the water is likely to reach the tunnel if the rain continues.