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    Wade Little

    by Wade Little

    15 views 970-226-5233 Discount Hardwood Flooring in Fort Collins Colorado and much more. We are Jade Floors here in Northern Colorado (#NOCO) and we have over 22 years experience helping people and businesses save 30 to 60% on their flooring projects. We know how expensive it is when you go to the flooring stores. They are all great, but you pay for the overhead of the store. We know, we used to be one of those stores.

    Today we are 100% mobile and we purchase directly from the manufacturer to help you save from 30% to 60% on your flooring projects. We will drive to you with the sample and we will delivery on the highest quality work possible.

    Call us today and we will set up an appointment and bring you samples to view.


    Our offices are located at:
    3605 Royal Drive. Fort Collins, CO 80526

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