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    How to Lead Employees Through Difficult and Uncertain Times

    Gary Myszkowski

    by Gary Myszkowski

    This trailer for the Wiznami® Leadership Training program, "How to Lead Employees Through Difficult and Uncertain Times, describes the basic model used in the training. The program is targeted at leaders at all levels of business management whose employees are facing job uncertainty due to recession, downsizing, reorganization, or acquisition integration. The training program can be used for private learning by the leader and / or can be used in a more visible way with a local facilitator of his or her choice to also jointly develop his or her team's ability to cope and continue to contribute to the business in the face of uncertainty. This combination DVD, CD, and employee survey package is currently available through for retail purchases. B to B purchases are made by contacting Wiznami Inc. ( The program can be purchased by an individual leader and does not require a broader corporate training initiative.