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Jerad Hill
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Gridloch - the addictive adventure game app with a difference. Journey through amazing lands of Historia, with Trydd the Tallyman, gathering skills and sharpening your wits, with every step through the tantalising depths of Gridloch.

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Hi guys! Nice to see a review of Gridloch. I found this game on the AppStore while looking for something educational to distract my kids. It's different from other math-type games I've seen. I actually like playing it myself to kill time. There are plenty of things about this game that the reviewer doesn't highlight and I'd like to bring a few good ones that I found to everyone's attention. Keep playing through the levels, there are cool mini-games that just pop up to play. The 'next' button in the top RH corner is useful. You can get big points for answering multiple times or you can get through the levels quickly by answering once and tapping 'next'. I know some people don't like reading instructions, but my tip is to read through the instructions at some point. The game is also on GameCentre so you can set a high score and challenge. This app is well worth the money for what you get and it's different from other educational apps.
By Gridlochfan 3 years ago