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    The Curses Upon the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel


    by washingyou777

    This video showcases the curses of the 12 Tribes of Israel prophesied by Moses through YHWH wa YHWSHI and the footage within this short movie shows prophecy being fulfilled.
    These curses are the key identifier of the Nation of Israel and pinpoints who they are today. News clips, pictures and various research of the plight of YHWH'S chosen people prove even further that the Lost 12 Tribes of Israel are the Negroes, Hispanics, and Native Americans.
    Our people need to wake up and know their history and know why they are suffering all types of atrocities by the hands of their enemies and their own people.
    There is no way out of these curses but to repent and return to our heritage which is the Laws, Statutes, and Commandments handed down to us from the Heavenly Father YHWH.