Radiohead - Live From the Basement 2011

Andy Bezbozhny
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1. Bloom
2. the Daily Mail
3. Feral
4. Little By Little
5. Codex
6. Seperator
7. Lotus Flower
8. Staircase
9. Morning Mr. Magpie
10. Give Up the Ghost

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made a profile just to say this is awesome. gatdang radiohead. so good
Пользователем hampsta 3 лет назад
His name is Clive Deamer, from Portishead. He's also played with other musicians i can't recall. Brilliant isn't he?
Пользователем miggy051 3 лет назад
wow, overwhelming. does anyone know who the other drummer is besides phil and jonny?
Пользователем sterzarelli 3 лет назад
Such a wonderful surprise. Thank you!!!!
Пользователем miggy051 3 лет назад
Absolutely brilliant! Loved it. Thanks guys.
Пользователем bjsherlock 3 лет назад
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