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3 Stylish Headphones - as part of the Product Guide series by GeoBeats. Hi, my name is Amy and this is AC Gears. Some of the most stylish and popular headphones that we carry here at AC Gears include the Marshall Majors. They are the first headphone that Marshall has created. Most of you know them for their really awesome guitar amps. The headband on this headphone is made from the same vinyl that is used on the amplifiers. They fold up, so they are very easy to throw in a bag or a purse and take them with you on the go, and they are designed for long term wear. So, they are very comfortable. The next headphone I am going to talk to you guys about are the IITMEs. They’re the most durable pair of headphones on the market right now. You can stretch them out, you can twist them. So, it is perfect if you tend to break your headphones a lot or you are going to be deejaying. Also, the cord is super long with the coil to relieve pressure, and it detaches from the driver. So, if there is a problem with the cord, one of the sides are shorting, you can just replace it. Your headphones are still A-OK. For all you bass lovers out there we have the Pioneer Extra Bass headphones. They come in five electric colors. They swivel around, so they are easy for deejay use and they are very comfortable. The most versatile headphone that we carry here, at AC Gears, is Urban Air Platons. They come in every color that you could possibly want. They also have a folding factor, similar to the Marshalls. These have a fabric kind of cord, so, it is very durable, with the microphone that is compatible with all iPhones, Blackberrys and Androids. They also come equipped with an internal headphone splitter, so it is very easy to share music with a friend when you are on the go.