Travel Tip: Finding Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Italy

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Travel Tip: Finding Vegetarian Food in Italy - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Some of my tips for finding vegetarian food in Italy is pretty easy. Of course you are probably thinking pasta all the way but for vegans that is kind of tough because fresh pasta in Italy is made with egg. The dried pasta is not for the most part it is made with just semolina, so you can stick to that. Always opt for fresh breads and they have tons and tons of produce especially olives. The Mediterranean diet, since they are so close to that, they do a lot of olive oil, a lot of fresh vegetables, like I said olives and produce. So always stick to that, and produce stands, farmer markets. And when you are at a restaurant it is easy to vegetarianize pretty much anything, with their fresh marinara sauces, stay away from the cream sauces if you are a vegan. Always ask your server ahead of time and plan before you go.