Can a forex robot REALLY double your money every month?


by daily865

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http://fap-turbo.urgent-info.com Many traders try to make money in the markets. Most, however, are unable to. Now, you have a great opportunity to make profits. This forex software program, FAP Turbo, will trade your account based on your parameters – taking the human factor (emotions, indecision, etc) out of the equation. It has a great track record -- $370 turned into $7,300 in 2 months; $2,500 turned into $8,700 in 45 days; $5,100 turned into $25,100 in 30 days! Impressive -- but wait! Lets say that instead of a 200% or 500% return each month, it “only” gave you 25% each month (I know – it’s really hard to step back from the GREED factor, isn’t it?) But if you let, say, $1,000 accumulate at 25% per month, after 12 months you would have $14,552 – that’s over 1300% gain!! Now – put the GREED factor back in, and let your mind wander on what 100% or 200% each month would do! Get more information now. Go to: http://fap-turbo.urgent-info.com