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    Hearbreak Hotel


    by mrtopstep

    10 views Danny Rileys Mr Top Step chimes in on this morning jobs report that came in way lower than expected ( 18k vs 160k) Riley says at 5:30 am the SPU was down 3.50 handles but at 7:25 ct just before the number the SPU rallied to 2 handles higher, was 1 handle higher before the release and was down 15 to 18 handles seconds after the numbers release. Riley talks about how the European credit default markets didn't react positivity during the most recent 95 handle rally in the S&P 500 futures. Riley also pull up a weekly chart of the 9 week sell off and the 10 day rally that has run every short out of the markets. Exactly 10 days ago the SPU traded 1257, in globlex over night the SPU/ ESU traded 1354.50, after being down 8 out of 9 weeks the S&P has rallied over 95 handles. Its all about jobs today what it is next week is anyones guess. Say hello to the summer markets.

    **Filmed on the trading floor at the CME Group. Produced by MrTopStep with MarketHEIST