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    Senior Chinese Diplomat Banned from Talks in Manila


    by NTDTelevision

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    A senior Chinese diplomat has been banned—from meetings in Manila for alleged offensive behavior—in the latest spat over the South China Sea disputes.

    Philippine's foreign ministry officials said Chinese First Secretary, Li Yongsheng raised his voice at a Filipino officer last month. The incident happened during a dialogue about the Chinese regime infringing on Philippine-claimed waters surrounding the Spratly Islands.

    According to Associated Press, the Philippine's Asian and Pacific Affairs office issued a memorandum stating three Filipino officials said Li raised his voice during the meeting.

    The memo stated Li displayed, quote, "conduct unbecoming of a diplomat," and that the Chinese embassy had been notified that Li is prohibited from attending meetings in the future.

    But, the Chinese Embassy in Manila on Wednesday ignored the ban.

    The Chinese regime and Philippine government are seeking a peaceful way to resolve the long-standing sea disputes that have flared up recently.

    The Philippines foreign affairs secretary is expected to raise the issue during his two-day visit to China beginning this Thursday.