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    James Stewart: Justice-Obstructed & Defiled 5/6

    Sunlight Oxygen

    by Sunlight Oxygen

    “As citizens and members of a community, we have to be able to care about people and incidents that are not what's happening in our own immediate life. The self-absorption that you see in these characters is not confined, in my experience to only the most celebrated powerful wealthy people in the country. It seems to be filtering at an ever-lower level I can only think that education is a big part of it and reading is a big part of it because: what happens when you read? You are experiencing things that aren't happening to yourself as a vividly as though they were, and I believe that is how we as a culture have always conveyed great truths.”

    James Stewart has won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the 1987 stock market crash and insider trading. Formerly Page One editor of the Wall Street Journal, he is now a business columnist for The New York Times. Mr. Stewart is perhaps best known for his 1991 book, Den of Thieves.