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    Bohai Sea Oil Leak Causes Long-Term Environmental Impact


    by NTDTelevision

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    More details are coming out about Bohai Sea oil spill. In their first official press conference since the news was announced last Friday... officials are saying the oil leak has caused long-term environmental damage.

    The State Oceanic Administration said in a public statement that is was issuing an investigation on the two companies, CNOOC and US oil giant ConocoPhillips, that own the offshore oil site where the spill happened. Evidence is currently being collected to account for the damage.

    Li Xiaoming, who heads the ocean administration's Marine Environmental Protection Division, says that the oil had seriously contaminated the water, ranking it worst on the administrator's four-grade pollution scale.

    While the spill is largely under control now, Xiaoming says there are still some (quote) "leaking points" that continue to pollute the ocean.

    Dead seaweed and rotting fish could be found floating near Nanhuangcheng Island... about 45 miles away from the center of the spill.

    Local fisheries authorities are saying the environmental impact is long-term. Further investigation will be necessary to figure out the entire extent of the damage.

    Controversy continues to surround the story. The spill happened back on June 4th, but authorities kept it under wraps for nearly a month.