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    Hong Kong Arrests Highlight CCP Influence


    by NTDTelevision

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    The July 1st anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China was marked with protests. Although these protests were peaceful, police did arrest 200 people and police tactics have been criticized.

    July 1st, the most politically charged protests Hong Kong has seen in recent years. After this peaceful rally small groups of protestors stayed on the streets throughout the night in Hong Kong's Central and Wan Chai districts.

    After 11pm around 1,000 police moved in to disperse the protestors, eventually arresting 200 of them.

    Among those arrested was legislator Albert Chan, who claimed police sprayed pepper spray in his eyes from close range.

    An intern reporter from NTD's Hong Kong bureau was also arrested when police apparently mistook her for a protestor. NTD's Hong Kong bureau faxed through proof of Cai Wenwen's identity to police, but it still took over 10 hours for her to be released. She also had her fingerprints taken by police.

    The Hong Kong Journalists Association condemned the move.

    [Yin-Ting Mak, Head of Hong Kong Journalists Association]:
    "She didn't have proof of her identity at first, but after her company faxed through her credentials, I believe it should have been enough to prove her identity as a journalist."

    The day before the protests, the People's Liberation Army carried out intimidating anti-terrorist exercises on Hong Kong's streets. Cai Yongmei, editor of Hong Kong's Open magazine, believes this along with the arrest of journalists display increased influence from the Chinese regime in Hong Kong.