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    Plass Appliance & Furniture, Inc. - Chicago, IL - ...


    by SmartShoot

    Plass Appliance is a family owned company that was started by Art and Ed Plass back in 1938. Together they opened their very first Showroom Location near the old Oval-tine Plant in Villa Park. They ran the business successfully until they were called off to serve in WWII. They turned to their brother Walter to run the business, in that he was not called to duty. Upon their return, Art worked part time with Walter before entering into Banking, while Ed returned to pursue Home Building. Walter became the owner and sole proprietor of the Plass, along with his wife Eunice. Together they ran the business. Walter made a great living for himself and his family while successfully running Plass Appliance for over 50 years. Walter retired from the business at the age of 64, and was succeeded by his sons Harold and Dale who still run the business today. Presently there are third generation Plass Family members working within the business as well.