HEALTHY LIVING Summer Skincare: Secrets of Sun-kissed Skin


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67 views – HEALTHY LIVING Summer Skincare: Secrets of Sun-kissed Skin. Episode: 1698, Air Date: 9 May 2011. Script
Welcome inquisitive viewers to the conclusion of a three-part series featuring our intriguing discussion with Dolores Cannon, a famous American psychic researcher.

Ms. Cannon has traveled around the world lecturing on topics such as accessing memories from previous lives through a form of hypnosis called past life regression, the meaning of the year 2012, and messages she’s received from the 16th century French prophet Nostradamus.

To date, she has written 15 books, including “Keepers of the Garden,” and the three volume sets, “Conversations with Nostradamus,” and “The Convoluted Universe.” Today Ms. Cannon will speak about her findings regarding the origin of life on our planet through her past life regression work with her clients.

In my books “Keepers of the Garden” and “The Custodians,” I’ve done over 25 years work