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    Chinese Toddler Survives 10-Story Fall


    by NTDTelevision

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    And, if you saw a young child dangling from a window, what would you do? One woman in Hangzhou, East China, was faced with just this split-second decision.

    Wu Juping was passing by a building in Hangzhou when she noticed a toddler hanging from a high window.

    She rushed over to catch the child, a two-year-old girl named Zhang Fangyu. Though she helped break Zhang's fall, the toddler still bounced out of her grasp onto the ground.

    Zhang survived, but is still under intensive care.

    [Zhang Chenmei, Chief Director of ICU, Zhejiang Children's Hospital]:
    "All the internal organs of the girl are damaged to various degrees. We had discussed about her case and given emergency treatment to her. We applied the best way on the girl and hope she will be OK. But her condition was very serious and what we can do is just trying our best to save her."

    More than ten experts of seven departments in the Children's Hospital of Zhejiang have held consultation meetings discussing Zhang's case. Wu Juping, meanwhile, who saved the girl from certain death, is herself recovering from a broken arm.