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    Forever Autumn Justin Hayward


    by catmantee

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    Okay I openly admit it, I'm a sentimentalist regarding animals and the earth.

    It is pemanently Forever Autumn for me, since the loss of so many beloved soulmates

    As much as I adore and delight in sharing my life with Jet n Midnight, others, it'll still always be forever autumn for me, the loss of so many beloved kindred spirits, that I can never come to terms with.

    In addition to my personal bereavements, how about this for an interpretation of songs lyrics, it has me thinking of and regretting the unnecessary loss of all the earths treasured fauna n flora, past, present and future, at times it is as if I feel all the guilt that humankind should feel but does'nt, for the atrocities commited and I can only barely imagine the nightmar 'ish hell all animals have felt and suffered at our hands.