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    Rare View of Hukou Waterfall Emerges After Continuous Rainfall


    by NTDTelevision

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    Continuous rainfall since last Friday has a created an unusual sight at the Hukou waterfall in northwestern China’s Shaanxi Province. The sound is so loud that it can be heard from far away.

    A spectacular sight of huge clusters of waterfalls has emerged at the Yellow River's Hukou waterfall in northwestern China's Shaanxi province—since last Sunday.

    The unusual sight has attracted many visitors.

    Continuous rainfall has brought abundant water to the river, causing water levels to reach a peak on Sunday morning.

    The thunderous sounds of water cascading down the falls can be heard from a distance.

    Torrential rains have submerged normally exposed rocks in the waterfall. Large and small flood peaks create spectacular clusters of waterfalls—as overflowing water tumbles over the submerged rocks.

    To date, the heaviest flow has peaked at about 110,000 cubic feet per second. The flood season will last for another few days.