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Great people say world peace can be achieved through dialogue but I believe that world peace can only be achieved when the country is in peace, Country is in peace when the people of that country are in peace and people can achieve peace when their souls are in peace.
Souls of each individual can achieve peace when they meditate and have faith on God. People of today have faith on themselves and spent most of the time on cheating others and destroying other feelings and fighting with each other.
If people desire something and want to fulfill their wishes they should follow a right path rather than the shortcut path which intend to be the crime.
Benchen Phonstok Monastery, situated in the hills of Chauni, Kathmandu, train people from all over the world, on how to live a happy and prosperous life through Various Prayers.

Out of those Prayers VAJRA KILA puja is the main prayer which was acquired from Tibet and practice once a year during the month of November.

People from Poland, United States, Germany, and European countries come hear to attend this Prayer and meditate.

Vajra kila Prayer is the main Prayer which last for a month with a Dance performance at the end of the scheduled Prayer. Hear the monks and other foreign nationals meditate everyday along with a beautiful ritual followed.

The Ritual include the Mandala Making, praying for all the four directions that God have created and also making people Divine.

In this Monastery monks from their very childhood are trained and made Divine.

Divine soul is a documentary film based on Buddhist Philosophies which gives an idea on how humans can play a part in making a peace world as it was during the days of Lord Buddha.

This documentary lights up on the Prayer like the MahaKaal and the Vajra Kila also known as the Purba Puja.

This documentary is created to make humans realize the teachings of our great Lord Buddha.

If people desire something they should follow the path of Generosity, Morality and Mental culture but not the path of Killing, Stealing, Un ethical and immoral speech, Sexual misconduct and Intoxicating and hallucinating drugs.

Generosity, Morality and Mental culture are the roads to civilized living, Personal Dignity, Peace and Calm. These are the fundamental structure of a civilization, Personal ethics, social harmony and better living.