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    Animated Electronic Ancient Painting Expo Debuts in Taipei


    by NTDTelevision

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    Ever wonder what life was really like in China 900 years ago? Here's your chance to take a peek at the prosperous life during the Song Dynasty via modern technology. The animated ancient e-painting expo makes its debut in Taipei.

    A moving electronic version of an ancient landscape painting opens to the public at the Taipei Flora Expo in Taiwan.

    "Riverside Scene at Chingming Festival" is a famous Chinese painting dating back 900 years ago. Recognized for its delicate strokes and lifelike details, the painting depicts the lively streets of the capital city of the Northern Song Dynasty, Bianjing during the 12th century.

    With the help of modern technology, a moving e-version of the painting has been reproduced. The original 10-inch by 16-foot-long painting has been enlarged more than 30 times. The electronic version—20 feet wide and more than 360 feet long—portrays over a thousand figures living their daily routines.

    Taipei visitors will be able to gaze at the moving scenes—perhaps travel back in time to the way of life in ancient China.

    Speaking at the opening ceremony, organizers hope cultural communications like these will help unite Taiwan and mainland Chinese.

    [Feng Guoqin, Shanghai People's Political Consultative Conf.]:
    "I think it not only helps to promote the communications between the two sides of the straits in terms of historical heritage and culture, but also promotes contact and brings the people on the mainland and Taiwan closer."

    A visitor at the expo expresses interest.

    "People in Taiwan are quite interested in things from the mainland, especially the 'Riverside Scene at Chingming Festival.' We have learned it in history textbooks. It is very interesting and meaningful for people today to see with their own eyes here the life of ancient people."