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    Hong Kong Democracy Protests on Handover Anniversary


    by NTDTelevision

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    Last Friday was the 14th anniversary of Hong Kong being handed over to the Chinese Regime. Every year the anniversary is marked with the annual democracy parade, and this year is no exception. Citizens are angry at high house prices and a dwindling democracy.

    Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents marched through the city's central business district on Friday—protesting for greater democracy.

    July 1st, 14 years ago, was the day the former British colony was handed over to Chinese Communist Party rule. Since then Hong Kong residents have held democracy parades every year.

    Hong Kong now exists as a semi-autonomous region of China. Although some elections are held, people there still lack the freedom to vote for their leaders.

    This year's parade was one of the most politically heated in recent years, with growing dissatisfaction at rising property prices and limitations on democracy. Organizers are calling on the territory's Chief Executive, Donald Tsang, to step down.

    Citizens also voiced their dissatisfaction with the Chinese regime for not allowing the region more autonomy. Hong Kong's government wants to scrap by-elections in the assembly and many suspect the Chinese Communist Party's influence.

    [Mr. Ho, Hong Kong Resident]:
    "The Communist Party is too base, they have done too many bad things. In Hong Kong, step by step, they are trying to enact their evil laws. We resolutely oppose them, if we don't come out, they will stay alert, and we will not have freedom."

    Some tourists from the Mainland show their appreciation of Hong Kong residents' spirit of democracy.