Five Things You Should Not Buy on Credit Card

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by Geo Beats

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Five Things You Should Not Buy on Credit - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. 5 things you should never charge on your credit card are first of all tuition. Second, if you can't afford it, in other words if you don't have enough in your checking account, you should never use it to pay another credit card, you should not use it to remodel a home. And as far as tuition, you normally can get a school loan. So that would be more cost effective than using a credit card. With a credit card you should make sure you have adequate money in your checking account. And if you don't have enough, you should not be using the credit card. It is something that is a convenience. Not something you have to rely on. And, you know, there are occasions where you can get no interest credit card over an year and if you have money that you have budgeted to pay that off, that is great. But if you can't afford it, don't do it. You should never use it to get cash advances and then finally you shouldn't use it to remodel your home. And the reason for that is if you can't get a loan to remodel the home because you don't have equity in your home. Guess what, you can't afford it. So affordability is really the key in deciding whether you use the credit card.