Travel Tip: 5 Off the Beaten Path Honeymoon Destinations

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Travel Tip: 5 Off the Beaten Path Honeymoon Destinations - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Leslie Koch: I would recommend for anyone planning their honeymoon to consider destinations that are a little outside of the box. You don’t have to go to Europe, you don’t have to go to the Caribbean. Try South America. For example, for Fernando de Noronha in Brazil is possibly the most romantic destination I’ve ever been to. It has beautiful beaches, snorkeling with sea turtles, and it’s something you’ll never regret. Second, I would recommend the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Taking a cruise and snorkeling in the deep sea is just an amazing and romantic experience. Third, I would recommend the islands of Southern Thailand, like Koh Lanta. They’re relaxed. There’s plenty of sunshine. It’s basically an ideal beach vacation without the package tourists. Fourth, I would recommend a camping destination, which might seem a little unusual, but I actually spent my honeymoon camping in Yellowstone National Park. The views are majestic. The opportunities for adventure are great, and you won’t regret it. Finally, check out a local destination in the U. S. Maybe even just book a nice hotel room in your hometown. It will save you a ton of money, and it will definitely be memorable.